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Midwest Gun Club
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Handgun Safety Rules
1. All firearms are always loaded.
2. Never point a firearm at something you are not willing to destroy.
3. Keep finger off the trigger until sights are on the target.
4. Always be sure of your target and what is beyond it.
Range Rates
MinutesOne GuestTwo GuestsThree Guests
Match Schedule
04/04/2015Defensive Pistol Match
04/07/2015Bowling Pin Match
04/11/2015USPSA Match
04/14/2015Bowling Pin Match
04/18/2015Defensive Pistol Match
04/21/2015Bowling Pin Match
04/25/2015USPSA Match
04/28/2015Bowling Pin Match
05/02/2015Defensive Pistol Match
05/05/2015Bowling Pin Match
05/09/2015USPSA Match
05/12/2015Bowling Pin Match
05/16/2015Defensive Pistol Match
05/19/2015Bowling Pin Match
05/23/2015USPSA Match
05/26/2015Bowling Pin Match
05/30/2015Defensive Pistol Match
06/02/2015Bowling Pin Match
06/06/2015USPSA Match
06/09/2015Bowling Pin Match
06/13/2015Defensive Pistol Match
06/16/2015Bowling Pin Match
06/20/2015USPSA Match
06/23/2015Bowling Pin Match
06/27/2015Defensive Pistol Match
06/30/2015Bowling Pin Match
07/04/2015USPSA Match
07/07/2015Bowling Pin Match
07/11/2015Defensive Pistol Match
07/14/2015Bowling Pin Match
07/18/2015USPSA Match
07/21/2015Bowling Pin Match
07/25/2015Defensive Pistol Match
07/28/2015Bowling Pin Match
08/01/2015USPSA Match
08/04/2015Bowling Pin Match
08/08/2015Defensive Pistol Match
08/11/2015Bowling Pin Match
08/15/2015USPSA Match
08/18/2015Bowling Pin Match
08/22/2015Defensive Pistol Match
08/25/2015Bowling Pin Match
08/29/2015USPSA Match
09/01/2015Bowling Pin Match
09/05/2015Defensive Pistol Match
09/08/2015Bowling Pin Match
09/12/2015USPSA Match
09/15/2015Bowling Pin Match
09/19/2015Defensive Pistol Match
09/22/2015Bowling Pin Match
09/26/2015USPSA Match
09/29/2015Bowling Pin Match
10/03/2015Defensive Pistol Match
10/06/2015Bowling Pin Match
10/10/2015USPSA Match
10/13/2015Bowling Pin Match
10/17/2015Defensive Pistol Match
10/20/2015Bowling Pin Match
10/24/2015USPSA Match
10/27/2015Bowling Pin Match
10/31/2015Defensive Pistol Match
11/03/2015Bowling Pin Match
11/07/2015USPSA Match
11/10/2015Bowling Pin Match
11/14/2015Defensive Pistol Match
11/17/2015Bowling Pin Match
11/21/2015USPSA Match
11/24/2015Bowling Pin Match
11/28/2015Defensive Pistol Match
12/01/2015Bowling Pin Match
12/05/2015USPSA Match
12/08/2015Bowling Pin Match
12/12/2015Defensive Pistol Match
12/15/2015Bowling Pin Match
12/19/2015USPSA Match
12/22/2015Bowling Pin Match
12/26/2015Defensive Pistol Match
12/29/2015Bowling Pin Match
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